Here is a vivid look at some of the personalities who have shaped the Hogg Foundation over the decades. Each link will take you to a Flickr album filled with incisive portraits and evocative images. 

Ima Hogg

Matriarch of the Hogg Foundation. An assorted collection of photographs of Ima Hogg, her associates, and her projects throughout her life.

Hogg Family

A look at the individuals who made 'Hogg' one of the most illustrious family names in Texas.

Robert Sutherland

The Hogg Foundation's first executive director, 1940 - 1970. His cool professionalism, diplomatic way with people, and passionate devotion to mental health left an indelible mark on the foundation. 


The Hogg Foundation's history boasts a rich and colorful cast of characters who also happened to be some of the most talented men and women working in the area of mental health and philanthropy. Get a glimpse of this lively mosaic of professional pace setters, outside-the-box thinkers, and passionate advocates.

Hogg Leadership

A look at the six executive directors who left their stamps on the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.

Hogg Family Photo Album

Scrap book items, photos, letters, mementos, and other fascinating finds from our archives.