Philanthropy Southwest, an association of grantmakers formerly known as The Conference of Texas Foundations and Trust Funds as well as The Conference of Southwest Foundations, was founded in 1949 to "promote opportunities to change ideas, build relationships, and advance philanthropic excellence." The Hogg Foundation became a member in January 1957 and has been a part of the annual meetings ever since.

In the closing remarks of the 1988 meeting, Fred M. Rogers, creator and host of the PBS children's show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood," shared his thoughts on caring in a speech titled Turning Action into Caring. These words were later typed up for publication by Dr. Marion Coleman, an executive associate at the Hogg Foundation. Mr. Rogers shared several stories, including the story of the 1953 creation of the popular show. He also told of his experiences working with children and teaching them the importance of playing, explaining that "to grow up to be healthy, very young children do not need to know how to read, but they do need to know how to play. It's as simple as that." Throughout the speech he discussed the importance of teaching and caring for the next generation and how absolutely necessary it was to give one's all in the action of caring. As he explained it, "far and beyond any money that you contribute in your life, the greatest gift you ever give is your honest self."