Love in the Archives

Harry and Bernice Moore

Harry and Bernice Moore

In honor of Valentine’s day I want to share with y’all this adorable photo strip of Bernice and Harry Moore in love.

Bernice met Harry while working on her master’s degree at UT Austin. Together, they moved to North Carolina and became the first couple on that campus to be awarded Ph.D.s simultaneously. They were fondly termed “a pair-a-docs” by their colleagues.

The Moores were a great team - him, a sociology professor at UT, and her, the Associate Director for Community Programs here at the Hogg Foundation - collaborated on several publications including, “Creative Living in Modern America” (1959) and “The Crisis of Separation” (1966). Both of which can be found in the archives.

In a 1939 biographical statement, Bernice stated in her characteristically lively way,  “I have Malta Fever and am as mean as hell, am 34 goin’ on 35, and weigh 145 pounds and adore my husband and anything else you want to say.”